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Diving the B-29 Bomber is a special event. All dives are guided and require advanced reservations.  A Dive Day on the B-29 includes an educational orientation about the B-29. Transport via vessel to the B-29 Overton Dive site. A guided tour of the B-29 dive site with up to 60 minutes on the bottom. (gas supply permitting) (CCR welcome), a surface interval and a 2nd dive on the B-29 if scheduled. Snacks and Beverages are included.

The B-29 is in approximately 118 feet of fresh water. The average depth is 110 ffw. Divers are to carry a minimum of 120 cuft of breathable gas. Divers on rebreathers must carry a minimum of 80 cubic feet of bail out gas. We suggest this dive be completed with a 32% oxygen content nitrox mixture or a light trimix. We will supply surface supplied oxygen for final safety decompression stops at 20 and 10 ffw.

We only take divers who meet the mimumum certification level of:  Advanced Nitrox with Decompression Procedures (no exceptions).

We only take up to 4 divers on any trip.

Cost  $450.00 per diver

We are booking   May, June and July 2021 now at this link

RESERVE 2021 Dives

If you want dates than those that are on the schedule we can accommodate full boat bookings email with your request. Include full contact information.