Dive the B-29

August 10, 2020  – Scuba Training and Technology Inc, / Tech Diving Limited has been notified that our application for the 2020-2022 Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) has been approved!

Our CUA runs from Sept 1, 2020-August 31, 2022.  Diving opportunities are limited to just 50 divers (2 dives each) in any 12 month period.  To reserve your spot go to this link  RESERVATIONSNote diving the B-29 with Scuba Training and Technology Inc, / Tech Diving Limited  requires that the diver have a minimum certification of Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procesures (no exceptions).   We have been the permit holder with the most experience on this site since 2007 and understand all the intricacies of this location.  If you are a recreational diver you will NOT have access to the B-29 with us until you earn those technical certifications. Please do not ask for exceptions, the answer will be no.  The conservation and preservation of the B-29, and the safety of all divers is paramount.

Tech Diving Limited has been the exclusive dive company for the B-29 Bomber since 2007. We look forward to having you dive it with us.