Dive the B29


Joel Silverstein on the B-29 in 2007 – Photo by Mel Clark

Welcome to Dive the B29.   The B-29 Bomber is a Super-fortress plane that crashed in Lake Mead. Scuba Training and Technology Inc.  / Tech Diving Limited has the  Commercial Use Authorization from the National Park Service to conduct guided tours for 2015 and 2016 on this historically significant site. The B-29 Bomber is located in the Lake Mead National Park just outside of Las Vegas Nevada. We conduct guided tours on the site every month through October for qualified divers. All the information about how to qualify and how to reserve your space is on this website.

We look forward to taking you to the B-29.

Dives for 2017 are now available for April, May, June and August

We expect this to be the last year the B-29 is available for diving.

Call 928-855-9400 to discuss your dive on the B-29