Dive the B29


Joel Silverstein on the B-29 in 2007 – Photo by Mel Clark

July 13, 2020.  This morning we forwarded to The National Park Service our fully completed application for the new B-29 Commercial Use Authorization diving permit.   We expect the process on their end to take a few weeks. Once we have approval we will open up reservations.  In the meantime visit the link below to put yourself on the first contact list.  Note diving the B-29 will require NO LESS than a Advancd Nitrox and Decompression Procesures CERTIFICATION (no exceptions). If you are a recreational diver you will not have access to the B-29 until you earn those technical certifications. Please do not ask for exceptions, the answer will be no.  The conservation and preservation of the B-29 and the safety of all divers is paramount.
Go to this link to sign up for info on B-29 once we have our schedule posted.
Tech Diving Limited has been the exclusive dive company for the B-29 Bomber since 2007. We look forward to diving it again.